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Offering both a Masters and Doctors Degree in Apostolic and prophetic Studies, the Apostles Theological Seminary is a global online campus where proven apostles, prophets, and other fivefold ministers interact closely with students from around the world to carefully study the Word of God with a view to recovering the Gospel of Christ the King and accurately understanding the revelation of the mystery of Christ's Kingdom and His Church entrusted by Jesus of Nazareth to His original apostles. The goal of this in depth study is to raise a new generation of authentic apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and empower them to accurately preach the Word of the Kingdom, gather and equip the saints, plant churches, restore the ancient apostolic or Kingdom foundations, reform the Lord's Church, and transform cities and nations.

Online courses include teachers notes, audio and video files in down-loadable formats, reading and writing assignments and ministry projects, as well as, dynamic chat rooms and forums providing direct faculty/student interaction and dialog. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of studying at your own pace from your own home or office under the supervision and direction of our faculty. Read more...

Our courses and our upgraded and streamlined (fast-track) Masters and Doctoral Degree programs are offered at an affordable tuition to all those desiring to equip themselves to serve Christ, His Kingdom and His Church. In addition interest-free financing is available for those who need help. For specific details regarding tuition and interest-free financing click here.)

The Senior Leadership Team and Core Faculty of ATS have been given a specific mandate from the Lord to recover the Word of Christ's Kingdom that was entrusted by Jesus to the original apostles of the Lamb, like Peter and John, and the first generation of ascension-gift apostles, like Paul and Barnabas. In partnership with other apostolic companies of like faith and practice, we have also been commissioned to train a new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to proclaim the Gospel of Christ the King preached by Peter and Paul, extend the scepter of Christ's Kingdom, and reform the Lord's Church so that it might function as One, Holy, Apostolic Church to light the nations and fill all things with the glory of the sons of God. Read more...

The ATS curriculum, offering Masters and Doctors Degrees in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies, our courses deal specifically with understanding Messiah's Kingdom, ministering the Word of the Kingdom in power and building the Apostolic Church, as modeled for us by Jesus, the apostles of the lamb and the ascension-gift apostles in the 1st Century with practical application to the 21st Century. In addition to the theology and methods of Jesus and His apostles the ATS curriculum offers practical and provocative courses that critically examine and evaluate two-thousand years of Church history in light of the revelation of Christ, i.e. the diverse theological systems advocated today, the major sects and movements throughout the history of the Church and the present, the history of missions and contemporary strategies for evangelism and church planting, various philosophies and approaches to ministry, the major world religions (especially Islam) and the resulting clash of civilizations. Read More...


In addition to offering Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies, the Apostles Theological Seminary also seeks to serve the New Apostolic Reformation as a resource center.

Visit our ATS RESOURCE CENTER, the blog section of the ATS Home page immediately below, on a regular basis and enjoy strategically important articles and messages posted by seasoned apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers from around the world and participate in stimulating and challenging dialogs relating to theology, critically important issues, and strategic Kingdom events by commenting or responding to blogs and video messages posted each week.

Let ATS become a resource center for your ministry and sphere of influence in Christ's Kingdom. 

Also, whether you are an experienced minister looking to increase your usefulness to our Savior and King, or just beginning your journey, as founder and Chancellor of ATS, I wholeheartedly invite you to join our online global community of  faculty and students. Let our experienced faculty and senior leadership team help you determine the right course of study or degree program, custom-designed to help develop, strengthen, and enhance your ministry-gift and calling.

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(The illustration above is an ancient rendition of Peter, the spokesman for the 12 apostles of the Lamb, and Paul the arch-type of ascension gift apostles. The artist depicts these two great apostles together in order to demonstrate the essential unity of the fellowship of the apostles that Jesus had established as the foundation of His Church.)

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    On August 23-25 the apostolic fathers and leaders of the apostolic networks that make up the Communion of Apostolic Churches ( aglobal communion of apostles and churches) gathered in General Council at the King Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Apostolic leaders from India, Africa, Canada and the USA participated in this historic gathering. The purpose of the General Council was to review and discuss the CAC’s core doctrinal beliefs, architectural wineskin or structure, and governmental order to ...


    Dear ATS Students, Administrative Team and Faculty, I want to wish each of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a very happy and blessed 2015.  Of course, Christmas is a special time of the year in which we celebrate Christ's First Advent, His coming into history to bless us and establish His saving rule in our lives and spheres of influence. To read more click title above.


    Contrary to popular opinion the Book of Revelation was not, I repeat, not written to us or our generation. According to Jesus in Revelation 1:1-3,  it was written to seven specific City-churches located in Asia Minor (today's Turkey) and to the saints of the first century scattered throughout the Roman Empire in the time of Nero to prepare them for certain catastrophic and age-ending events that were about to take place in their day. (Read more...)

  • Register Now for the Spring 2018 Semester

    Go to the Areas of Study page to review available classes for this new semester, both doctoral and masters program.   We are continuing our Taste and See offer, and our discounted prices for both programs.  Go to the Admissions page to take advantage of our Taste and See offer.  

  • Mike Daub's India Mission December 16 - 19

     December 16 Apostle Mike Daub, a member of the faculty of ATS, will be returning to the Silliguri and N.E. India for a mission trip. Apostle Daub will be joining with Apostle Ravi Paul, the National Director for the CAC's India Campaign, for three days  of ministry. He will meet with Nima Rangnamei, Apostle Adam's widow, and Apostle Kaping who continue the work of  Apostolic Ministries and Churches International and the  Communion of Apostolic Churches in the Northeast ...

  • Updated Masters Degree Program in Apostolic Studies

    In cooperation with Vision University International, Apostles Theological Seminary is offering a 35 credit hour Master's Degree in Apostolic Studies beginning in 2018.  This degree consists of an introductory course, 8 core courses and 3 elective courses.  The partnership with Vision University will help students complete our master's degree program with Vision's accreditation and online platform, in addition to sharing with some of their academic prerequisite and master degree courses...


    In August of 2016 the Communion of Apostolic Churches commissioned Brother Kouri and his wife Sandra to head the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign. On October 16, 2016 Apostle Kouri and his wife Sandra moved to Hyderabad, India to launch the CAC India Apostolic Campaign and blow the Gospel trumpet of Christ's Kingdom and Apostolic reformation. In addition to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and seeking to restore the foundations Jesus established in the beginning of Christianity one of t...

  • A Rebuttal of Perry Stone's Article "An Arab Antichrist And The 8th Kingdom" in the September Issue of Charisma

     I Invite my Communion friends and family to watch the videos or listen to the Podcasts of my latest series of sermons rebutting the doom and gloom articles posted in September's Issue of Charisma Magazine featuring David Jeremiah and Perry Stone's outlandish and outright heretical views of Christ's Kingdom and the end times.

  • Bishop Kouri's Sermon Notes: "Returning God's Glory."

    "The glory of God speaks in the Scriptures of God's manifest presence. This kabod or weight of glory, brings with it God's supernatural power, miracles of healing, deliverance, financial blessings, great prosperity, and victory over all the power of the Kingdom of darkness. Because of the lack of power and glory in most churches today, there is a lot of talk about restoring God's glory to the Church.

  • Who Speaks for the Church?

    The issue of homosexuality has magnified the length, breadth, depth and height of division particularly in the church in the west. This divisiveness is not just with morality, but with the issues behind it like authority and interpretation. For example concerning this issue and in others, who speaks for the Church*?

  • Let The Church Arise

    Nothing should be more disturbing to believers today than the current persecution of fellow Christians by radical Muslims. Without regard to human life, ISIS and Boko Haram kill scores and even hundreds of Christians. In response to these increasing incidents of persecution and killing of believers, it is time for the Church to arise.

  • Download the CAC India Mission Report

    Download the PDF

  • Led Or Driven

    Are you being led or driven?  If you are being driven, then what's driving you?  That discussion should be with a trusted counselor.

  • A Great Opportunity for Apostolic Ministry Impartation!

    Students have two choices in experiencing the course work at Apostles’ Theological Seminary: First, a student may register to take classes online, allowing them to work at their own pace while getting instructional feedback and participating with others in discussion groups. Second is in the traditional classroom setting at ATS’ campus site at 7999 Philips Highway #202 in Jacksonville. Besides instruction students gain the opportunity for interaction with the professor and other students. As Dean...

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