A Shift Has Taken Place In The Realm of The Spirit

Sunday Night and into the AM hours of Monday, I felt a shifting in the realm of the spirit.

While I felt this shift, I was seeking the Lord and in the midst of conversation I heard Him say, "09 has been a great year of transition for my People, An intense season of warfare."

The Lord showed me and pressed strongly upon my spirit that, 

We should not lose heart, and we should stay focused on the prize that He has set before us. We must continue to keep a proper perception for our future. If we can perceive it, we will receive it. If we can see it, we will attain it! Without Vision (prophetic revelation) God's people perish. This is a season were we cannot afford to be caught without the Lords vision for the future and without an understanding of our placement within that Vision.

The shift will take us well into 2010.

This will be a year of fullness and I believe a time of relative rest from the attacks of the enemy for those who have found themselves in such an intense escalation of warfare in 2009.  2010 will mark a year of the tithe that belongs to the Lord. It will be as we reevaluate the last decade and prepare our hearts for the next 2 years that this will occur. I believe as in Mal 3 The Lord will rebuke the devourer for the sake of His believing and tithing church!

2011 will be again another great time of transition for the body.

But if we have prepared our hearts properly through 2009-2010, the transition should be relatively smooth, and the warfare of the enemy will not have the penetrating force it seemed to have in 2009. However our safety and our refuge in the coming days will be dependent upon our ability to hear the Shepherd's voice and not following a stranger into paths of deception and destruction.

2012 will mark the greatest advancements in the Kingdom, I believe since the Reformation.

I have spoken much on 2012.  However, I will recap and say, it will be a year of apostolic alignment. The Apostles of God will be positioned once again to begin a brand new work in a previously pastorally ruled church (a Church ruled by pastors instead of apostles). This means that in the next 2 and half years great upheaval will continue, tearing down the old, so that planting and building will become assessable in the coming days.  Great Shifts will occur and great judgments will be released into the earth; these judgments may seem harsh and even scary, however these judgments will be made in favor of the saints, and God has prepared Goshen for His chosen.  

But He who began a good work will finish it!

Christ will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! Eventually we will see a total reformation of what we once thought was the church, and Great Advancements will be made into the earth as we disciple nations.

Pastor Shane Mason

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1. michael wrote:
Lets see, All power is going to be given to all you so calles apostles. You are going to tear down the Pastors over the next few years. This just dosent sound quite right, apostles were a great support to the local pastors in the new testament, In fact many of the true apostles were pastors themselves, such as Peter pastoring a church in Babylon. I dont know sounds like some power hungry men to me who want to dominate the church. Lets evangalize the world and look for the COMING RAPTURE.

Wed, November 4, 2009 @ 8:36 AM

2. Shane Masom wrote:
to Michael, LOL, I like how you wrote "looks to me", How about what it looks like to the Lord.

Mon, November 23, 2009 @ 1:31 AM

3. James T. Maniea wrote:
It is not about HUNGRY MEN wanting to take over and dominate the church,
I believe it is all about understanding and submiting to what GOD THE SON wants His Apostolic Church to return to: TRUE APOSTOLIC ORDER.

The Apostles who started His Church must return through faithful and Kindom minded men to reorganize His Church His way for His coming again.

Pastors are only sincere caretakers,Apostles are the Initiators/Pioneers.

Tue, September 4, 2012 @ 10:33 AM

4. Morey wrote:
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