Degrees and Degree Requirements

The Apostles Theological Seminary grants Master and Doctorate degrees to students completing an online regimen of study as outlined in our Areas of Study page. Both ATS degree programs are based upon the intensive study of the revelation of the mysteries of Christ and His Kingdom that Jesus Himself entrusted to the original apostles in the first century and that has been preserved for us and for all future generations in the Canon of the New Testament. Upon successful completion of the chosen degree program, the graduate will receive a Master's or Doctorate Degree in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies.

Please note: Letters and numbers (AD550, AM550, etc.) used to identify courses under the degree requirements below constitute a short name for a particular course. The letters stand for the school or department of study in which a particular course is located, and the numbers stand for the degree level.


Admission into the ATS Master’s degree program requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent Life Learning Credit (Life learning credit must be earned with a comprehensive report concerning life and ministry experience along with a payment of $150).  Additional Pre-requisites include an English writing class for those who have not successfully completed a college level English writing course.  The Final Pre-requisite is a Bible Competency exam for those who have not passed a bible survey class in their educational background.  Not passing this exam will require the passing of a bible survey course as a pre-requisite.

This program includes the introductory course of 2 credit hours, 8 core classes of 3 credit hours each, and 3 elective courses, for a total of 12 courses and 35 credit hours. The purpose of this degree program is to equip students to thoroughly understand, communicate and minister the revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom with its implications.

We will continue to introduce the seminary with a “taste and see” offer, with a $25 application fee and a $50 fee for the initial course (AM 507 – see below) into the Master’s degree program: (The Seminary’s mandate can be discovered first hand by taking this course).  Except for the Introductory course, all master degree courses are $99 per course ($33 per credit hour).

AM 507 “God’s Agenda for the 21st Century” Biblical requirements for an Apostolic Reformation  Faculty Overseer: TBD  2 Credit hours

MASTERS DEGREE 8 Core Courses:

AD 500 “The Mystery of Redemption” Conquest of Satan in Jesus' Death, Resurrection & Enthronement   3 Credit hours Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

AD 550 “The Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity” The Doctrine of the Apostles
 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer: TBD

AM 550 “Spiritual Authority and Ministry” 3 Credit hours Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

AM 590 “Spiritual Formation for Ministry” Integrating Spiritual Life with Ministry & Ministering Out of Overflow 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

AM 599 “Thesis or Video Series Presentation” Applying the work accomplished in all core courses completed, a substantial written and/or video project will be submitted for grading 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer:  Jim Bradshaw

CH 505 "Survey of Church History", Introductory Church History course 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer:  TBD

NT 550 “The Last Days According to Jesus” Eschatology of Jesus & the Prophets of Israel 3 Credit hours Faculty Overseer: TBD

NT 560 “The Acts of the Apostles”, First Apostolic Mission, Gathering the Remnant of Israel and the First Fruits of Nations (formerly NT 360) 3 Credit hours Faculty Overseer: Stan Newton

Masters Degree Elective Courses:  Choose three of those listed below:

AD 501 “The Hope of Israel”How Christ and His Church fulfills the hope of Israel as prophesied by the prophets of the Old Testament 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer:  TBD

CIV 501 “Apostolic Architecture and Kingdom Civilization”, Restoring Apostolic Foundations and Rebuilding Nations 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer: Stan Newton 

EM 505 “Prophetic and Spirit-led Evangelism”, The soul-winning Methods of Jesus and the Apostles 3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw 

NT 518 “Romans 1-8”, Interpreting the first 8 chapters of Romans with a “Gospel of the Kingdom” perspective 3 Credit hours Faculty Overseer:  TBD

OT 509 "The Christian & Old Testament Theology", How the Christian living in the new covenant is to understand Old Testament Theology today  3 Credit hours  Faculty Overseer:  TBD


Admission to the Doctor of Ministry Degree in Kingdom Culture is based upon satisfactory completion of the ATS Master’s Program or its equivalent as evaluated by the faculty. Such evaluation will require a $150 fee, submission of Master’s degree requirements from their prior institution of learning/seminary and a report showing life-learning and ministry experience in relation to living in Messiah’s Kingdom. Some pre-requisite courses out of the Master’s program may still need to be taken in order to satisfy sufficient understanding of the Theology of the Kingdom.

The degree will consist of the introductory course (2 credit hour AM 507 above); 9 doctoral level courses (most directed courses with few to none class lectures) and a written dissertation project. Each doctoral course is 3 credit hours and the dissertation project is 6 credit hours. A total of 35 credit hours is required to obtain the degree. Each course (except introductory course) is $150 and the dissertation project $500 (includes $200 Mentor Fee). Any of the following courses may be taken during any semester, with the exception of the dissertation which requires all other classes to be completed first.

It is recommended that candidates who do not have good writing skills take Kenneth Gentry’s writing course found at The purpose of this doctoral program is to encourage the publishing of books with the authentic and accurate revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Kingdom and His Church. Improved writing skills will improve the means of communication to the wider church body.

Courses Available:

AD 750 “The Keys of the Kingdom” Foundational Truth and Authority Necessary for Apostolic work. 3 Credit Hours Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

CH 700 “The History of Dogma in Light of the Apostles Doctrine” Directed student in reading materials of Christian Dogma. (Pre-requisite: AD 750) 3 Credit Hours. Faculty Overseer: George Kouri

CH 701 “Advanced Reading in the Early Church Fathers” Directed study in the evaluation of the Early Church Fathers and the original revelation given to the Apostles. (Pre-requisite: AD 750) 3 Credit Hours. Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

NT 700 “Interpreting Prophetic Symbols and Types through the Revelation of Christ and His Apostles” 3 Credit Hours Faculty Overseer: Jim Bradshaw

NT 701 “The Revelation of John” A critical study of the prophecy of Jesus about the things that had to happen in John’s day to bring the promised end to the Old Covenant age and full establish the New Covenant age. 3 Credit Hours Faculty Overseer: 

Courses Available in future semesters:

AD 705 “Apostolic and Prophetic Church: Confronting the spirit of the Age” 3 Credit Hours

CH 705 “Critical Study of the Reformation and Its Children” 3 Credit Hours

CIV 705 “Dominion Mandate, Kingdom Economics, and the Respective Roles of Church and State” 3 Credit Hours

NT 770 “Epochs in the Life and Ministry of Jesus”, Harmony of the Gospels and the Turning Points in Jesus’ Ministry in relation to His Mission 3 Credit Hours

AM 799 “Advancing the Kingdom of God” Dissertation Project 6 credit hours