AWC 2009 World Conference of Apostles And Prophets

Wed, September 9, 2009


Join ATS Chancellor George Kouri for the 2009 World Conference of Apostles and Prophets hosted by Apostle Dave and Prophet Debra Viljoen and AWC International.

Held in Sanford, Florida (Orlando area) beginning September 8 at 7 PM and continuing through the evening of September 13th, the World Conference will feature powerful prophetic praise and worship, apostolic prayer for cities and nations, and the preaching and teaching ministry of Internationally known apostles and prophets.

Dr. Kouri will be ministering Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning at 10 PM. His theme will be
God's Agenda For The 21st Century!

Don't miss these powerful meetings!

For more information contact:

Dave & Deborah Viljoen


P.O.Box 1541 Hillcrest KZN

South Africa 3650

USA. admin. 678-431-2403