Celebration and Concern

Solomon, the wisest king in history, had a problem: “one baby and two mothers.” He called for a sword and the real mother begged to keep the baby alive. The other woman argued to cut the baby in half and give each mother a piece. The Presidential election of 2008 has been just such a dilemma for the body of Christ. Honest, well-meaning Christians have differed on political direction for America. Where are we and where do we go from here?


Some great things that are cause for celebration have occurred in the last few days since last Tuesday’s results of Barack Obama’s election were final:

1. Senator Obama, in looking this week for a Presidential “dog” for his children, jokingly referred to himself when he said, “I hope they don’t get a mutt like me!” This relaxed, casual reference to his African father and white mother shows his comfort with his identity and race. After all, what is race in the sight of God but something wonderful and beautiful? God delights in our colors and kinds, our flavors and strengths. As a missionary in Nigeria at 23 and in my 25 years of pastoring a multi-racial church, I have spent most of my adult life fighting not only “racism” but “racial strife.” Perhaps the long, cold winter of stereotypes is coming to an end.

2. It took millions of white voters to elect Senator Obama. This has amazed and thrilled to tears the small minority of black Americans and given them hope that “we can work together.” As I watched President Bush host Mr. and Mrs. Obama in the White House yesterday, I rejoiced in how the transition is early and hope is high. There was a “man of color” in the Oval Office! Perhaps the sense of hardened racial suspicion is starting to give way.

3. The cultures of the world rejoiced again in America. Celebrations from Indonesia to Kenya hailed a new spirit and face for the land of the free and home of the brave. Our enemies were in consternation and our friends were celebrating! Perhaps a new era of favor for Americans worldwide is replacing the anger and resentment I often feel when traveling the world and world missions will benefit.


1. “PRAY”

a. FOREIGN POLICY: This new President has already been “called out” by Russia and other enemies. He will certainly be immediately tested for his resolve to face down those who only understand force and who have stated their desire is to conquer and rule the world.

b. ECONOMY: He certainly has his plate full here! America and the entire world seem on the edge of recession or outright collapse. Millions are hurting and need immediate help. However, by many Senator Obama is being looked to as an economic “Messiah” who will immediately lower their monthly payments, raise their income, cover all their insurance needs and improve gas prices all in the first 100 days! His ambitious economic agenda will take years, not months. In addition, NO PRESIDENT CAN REMOVE A CORRECTIVE JUDGMENT FROM GOD, and if America is facing discipline (as I believe is beginning) we must pray for mercy and repentance or certainly no plan by man will work.
c. MORALITY: In areas of morality, the church is called to be “prophetic” (as John the Baptist was with Herod) and not “political.” This is true regardless of who it is, or we could be following a man into the position of becoming God’s enemy. It is my humble opinion that Senator Obama is on the wrong side of the abortion, stem cell, and gay rights agenda. He stated in the debates that his Supreme Court appointments will uphold Roe v. Wade. His transition staff is preparing, on his first day in office, to remove all restrictions to abortion now in place as executive orders. His stated position is that he opposes gay marriage, and yet he opposed “Proposition 8,” the marriage amendment that amazingly passed in California 52% to 48% limiting marriage to “a man and a woman.” This legitimate election stated the will of the people, yet this past weekend over 20,000 angry homosexuals protested in the streets (1000 of them picketed Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church because he supported proposition 8). This is moral chaos, and we must pray that our new leader’s eyes be opened to the moral dangers of these positions. God can change his heart and show him that if the judgment of God comes upon our economy it will “trump” the best minds in Washington and their bailouts.


2. “STAY”

a. Christians need to stay together. Lifetime relationships in the body of Christ cannot be challenged by an election. We are one body, indivisible by race, color, or economic circumstances.
b. In times of shaking, stability is what is needed. I have lived long enough to see spiritual and political leaders, revivals, Y2K, electronic marvels, foreign enemies, music, plaid pants and platform shoes all come and go. It is usually the weak and immature who yell the loudest while the mature and seasoned respond and don’t react. Relax, it’s going to be fine.


3. “OBEY”

a. NEVER lose sight of the Great Commission. Jesus did not command us to establish a party or a person. He told us to “go and make disciples.” No political party or election will solve America’s problems: only a revival. I believe 2009 is the “Year of the Harvest” as confirmed by a fellow pastor in Chicago who has seen over 2,500 souls come to Christ in the last three weekends.
b. We are called to our specific task and function in the Body of Christ and that is all you will be judged for in eternity. Be busy about that work while fervently praying for our desperate political and economic situation in America. That’s something you CAN do to change the situation.


The “one baby” is the “one Body” of Christ. Those who are not mature about that “baby” will rush in to divide it and give a “piece” to each party. The result will be to kill the beautiful body of Christ in the process. The “real mother” (faithful American Christians) will beg for mercy, unity, and wisdom from the King for the baby to live. Get on your knees, believer, and cry out for the Body of Christ to live through this. We WILL “pray together, stay together, and obey together.”

“Put your sword away.”

Larry Stockstill

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