On behalf of the President, Senior Leadership Team and Core Faculty of ATS, welcome to our global campus.

The culmination of years of preparation by the Holy Spirit and diligent labor in the ministry of the Word of God, the Apostles Theological Seminary is without apology an apostolic seminary. What we mean is that we are wholeheartedly committed to seeing: 1) the rediscovery of the revelation of Messiah's Kingdom that Jesus entrusted to the original apostles in the first century 2) the reformation of the modern church on the basis of that revelation, and 3) the establishment of Christ's Kingship over the civil governments, cities, and nations throughout the earth! With these goals in mind the Senior Leadership Team and Core Faculty are dedicated to training a new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and Kingdom leaders for the 21st century.

ATS offers the Master and Doctor of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies.

Our comprehensive and unparalleled curriculum, which is comprised of courses organized into eleven different schools or disciplines of study is Scripturally sound, historically and theologically accurate, and ministerially relevant to the needs of the 21st century. Located in the Ern Baxter School of the Apostles Doctrine, Church History, and Theology, the School of Biblical Studies, the School of Ministry and Applied Theology, and others, these courses are designed to help our students rediscover, master, and effectively minister the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Kingdom, and Church that were entrusted by the Lord Jesus to the original apostles in the first century and preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament in order to empower our graduates to make disciples, plant and establish New Testament churches, restore apostolic foundations to the Church of King Jesus, and disciple nations. The New Testament writers called this foundational revelation: the Gospel of the Kingdom, the form of sound words, the testimony of Jesus, the doctrine of the apostles, and the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.

Note that the senior leaders and faculty of ATS have included both Church History and Theology in the School of the Apostles Doctrine because we are persuaded that the history of the Church and the diverse and often contradictory systems or schools of theology should be studied, critically evaluated, and judged in light of the foundational revelation that Jesus Himself entrusted to the first apostles and that is preserved for us and all future generations in the Canon of the New Testament. This foundational revelation entrusted to the first apostles is the plumb line of authentic apostolic Christianity and the true measure or canon of the Lord's Church! In addition to the Ern Baxter School of the Apostles' Doctrine, Church History and Theology we also have the School of Biblical Studies, the School of Ministry and Applied Theology, the School of Biblical Languages, the School of Christian Civilization, Transformation of Culture and Social Issues, and six other schools or departments of study.  To insure balance and breath of knowledge in all those trained by ATS, our degree programs have been carefully developed with an array of courses selected from these eleven schools. 

In addition to providing our time-tested and unparalleled curriculum, our apostolic and prophetic leadership team and faculty also seeks to serve Jesus' Kingdom, the new apostolic reformation, and His global Church as an online resource center by: 1) providing news of special gatherings and strategic events, 2) hosting webinars, chat rooms, forums, round tables, apostolic summits and congresses, and 3) posting articles, pod-casts, and book reviews.

Whether you are an seasoned minister looking to enhance your ministry and increase your usefulness to our King, or a young minister just starting out in your calling, as Chancellor of ATS, I wholeheartedly invite you to join our global community of  faculty and students. Let us work with you to develop, strengthen, and enhance your ministry gift and calling. Also, visit our online campus regularly and let us become a resource center for your ministry.

Welcome to the Apostles Theological Seminary,

Apostle George E. Kouri