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George Kouri, Chancellor of ATS and the Presiding Apostle of the CAC, is happy to announce that the new, updated, and revised website for the Communion of Apostolic Churches is now ready for viewing. The CAC is a global communion of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, and the ministries and churches they represent.

The Apostolic Council of Apostolic Ministries and Churches International, a member  jurisdiction or ministry sphere of the Communion of Apostolic Churches, has announced that it plans on using the CAC Website as an architectural blueprint of what apostles and apostolic companies should be doing together around the world to restore the foundations and reform the Lord's Church. Brother Kouri also plans on using the new website as a special laboratory for his new ATS Course, AM250-The Work of Apostles And Apostolic Companies in the 21st Century.

To view the new CAC site click

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1. Edson Mckonell Pereira Vidal wrote:
Graça e Paz

Sou pastor-presidente de uma igreja de médio porte.À Deus - APOSTÓLICA INTERNACIONAL DE LIBERTAÇÃO.Meu chamado tem sido profetizado por vários líderes e profétas.
Tenho buscado a visão do Reino e seu crescimento!
Tenho ministrado libertação e batalha espiritual de maneira responsável.Mais presciso criar toda uma estrutura apostólica e para isso gostaria de estudar com vocês (caso permitem!!!)
Meu endereço é:Trav.Selêucia - Casa 21 - Cidade de Deus - Jacarepaguá - Rio de Janeiro -Brasil, cep.22772-670
Telefones:55-21-2456-8428 / 55-21-8100-4800
Desde já,grato pelo carinho da vossa atenção!!!
Pastor Edson Vidal

Sun, November 8, 2009 @ 1:55 PM

2. Edson Mckonell Pereira Vidal wrote:
Grace and Peace

I am a pastor-president of a church medium porte.À God - APOSTOLIC INTERNATIONAL LIBERTAÇÃO.Meu call has been prophesied by many leaders and prophets.
I have sought the vision of the kingdom and its growth!
I have taught liberation and spiritual warfare so responsável.Mais presciso create a whole structure and for this apostolic would like to study with you (if possible!)
My address is: Trav.Selêucia - House 21 - City of God - Jacarepaguá - Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, cep.22772-670
Phone :55-21-2456-8428 / 55-21-8100-4800
From now on, grateful for the warmth of your attention!
Pastor Edson Vidal

Sun, November 8, 2009 @ 1:59 PM

3. Edson Mckonell Perira Vidal wrote:
Gracia y Paz

Soy un pastor-presidente de una iglesia a medio porte.À Dios - apostólico internacional llamada LIBERTAÇÃO.Meu ha sido profetizado por muchos líderes y profetas.
He buscado la visión del reino y su crecimiento!
He enseñado la liberación y la guerra espiritual para responsável.Mais presciso crear una estructura de conjunto y de esta Sede Apostólica gustaría estudiar con usted (si es posible!)
Mi dirección es: Trav.Selêucia - Casa 21 - Ciudad de Dios - Jacarepaguá - Rio de Janeiro-Brasil, cep.22772-670
Teléfono :55-21-2456-8428 / 55-21-8100-4800
A partir de ahora, agradecido por la calidez de su atención!
El Pastor Edson Vidal
8 de noviembre 2009 @ 1:55 PM

Sun, November 8, 2009 @ 2:02 PM

4. meliton wrote:
Our God is our great God
im meliton from philippines 25 years old.. i always cry to our God to help me to be have knowledge and wisdom and to be a world evangelism and to be apostle and prophetic of Our Jesus our God..
since im 4 years old i saw its not a dream but my eyes are open and looking at the skies and i saw that i never forget the creation of God. and i i hear the voice of God speak at the mountain when people at the foot of the mountain written in the Deuteronomy at my age 5 yrs old.. i saw the fall of buildings.. and what the revelations say.. until i saw everything that is written in the bible..i saw the feet of God. i have a lot of vision and God always speak to me in my dream and i saw what verse and book in the bible..

i just want to tell something about what is my life to God now im independent living in the presence of God..

i need to learn and im very deserving to learn more about apostolic , prophetic.. please pray for me to study about prophetic and apostolic..and support all finances

i study again in college because i pray to have a good life and to finish my study because i want to help my family my mother and my brother and sister, but God is my shelter.. God is God even my family cant help me financial needs to my study, food, shelter but im thankful because they help me through prayer..and God support my needs..

i have a simple life.
and have a great faith to God to support my needs..

if God allow me and give me a chance to study in your seminary and support all my needs according to his purpose and glory.. im waiting to Gods gift..

please pray for me and i pray this site be filled with the glory and power of Jesus our Lord and savior

meliton v. capricho


Thu, January 7, 2010 @ 12:50 AM

5. Riyan wrote:
I want to know why im not connected with my old fenrids from high school. I feel like I'm missing out on relationships. I'm also single and want to know why I'm not in a relationship with someone I can call my husband. I hate being alone and I feel the stress inside my body. I also don't have a job right now. All I do is go to church faithfully but I'm not working unto God to advance in his Kingdom. I know god and I love him with all my heart but need to find those connections with others that allows me to feel connected again. I need to know that I'm loved and want to be in a strong relationships with other Christians. Please let me know what I could do to advance god's kingdom. Thanks.. KIMVi

Sat, September 29, 2012 @ 9:37 PM

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