Watch Chancellor's Message: The Gospel of Peter & Pentecost"

On the Day of Pentecost, the dramatic day that actually took place 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus, Peter stood up with 11 other Apostles of the Lamb and answered the question asked by his fellow Israelites, "Brothers, what does this mean?"

Peter's answer to their searching question was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Apostle proclaimed the good news that the promise God had made to David to seat David's Son on David's throne in Messiah's Day had been fulfilled in the resurrection, ascension, and enthronement of the Jesus of Nazareth. Peter declared that the outpouring of the Spirit which they had seen and heard was the proof of this amazing fact.

Sadly, many Christians today have never heard the actual message Peter preached that first Pentecost Sunday, and many others who have heard of the outpouring of the Spirit have not understand the dynamic relationship between the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Christ's Kingdom.

Watch ATS Chancellor George Kouri's amazing message, "The True Meaning Of Pentecost".  Discover for yourself the Gospel preached by Peter and the other apostles and learn how to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, a Kingdom anointing, that will enable you to walk in victory and reign in life.

Part 1 - The Gospel of Peter And the Meaning of Pentecost

Part 2 - The Gospel of Peter And the Meaning of Pentecost

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1. Victor wrote:
Hello Jean:The point of mentioning the Birth of the Christ, and its ceaotrlbien, was to show that it was, to the Early Church, less a concern than the three feasts they actually celebrated Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost. Christ's incarnation is vitally important, for the Christ had to be both True Man and True God for His sacrifice to be valid for all people for all time, and most especially for those who believe.

Wed, July 11, 2012 @ 10:31 AM

2. Juan wrote:
wagon #92;The apostles were clealry not getting the message throughout the Gospels. They lived with JC, traveled with him, were with him 24d77 (except for very limited instances) for three years, but they never really got the message that he was the messiah. Why would they follow Jesus if they didn't think He was the Messiah?This has nothing to do with fear.I agree. In fact, it was based on love. The things the Apostles did not understand was due in part to the miraculous and overwhelming nature of what they witnessed happen to Jesus and what Jesus did.Fear came in after the passion, when they were all huddled together in hiding.Correct, it was overwhelming; even traumatic. To read prophecies of Christ coming to the world as the Messiah is one thing to witness it first-hand places the effect on an entirely different and higher level of understanding. All this has little or nothing to do with being dense . It has a lot to do with actually being there when these events took place. Christ was setting up for the first time His Church based upon apostles. Christ had the Apostles tarry with Him to learn of Him first-hand and then lead His Church after Christ ascends to heaven.You are correct in that the Apostles were not ready to lead Christ's Church, nor have a full understanding, at least not to the level of understanding which mortal men should, of Christ without the Holy Spirit. I see this as not being fully enlightened, not dense . Being dense seems to connote an inability to learn despite having all the resources available to learn. The mere fact that the Holy Spirit was not fully given until the day of Pentacost does not make them dense .It was only after the arrival of the Holy Spirit that they both understood and were no longer afraid.The Holy Spirit was always with these men but not fully. What was unique about the Holy Spirit being manifested on the day of Pentacost is that this was when the Holy Spirit would always dwell with both the Apostles and believers alike. The presence of the Holy Spirit could, under my understanding having received the proper ordinances, then be felt on a constant basis. This is key for enlightenment; not a change in mental density .The others were martyred in one form or another due to their successful efforts to spread the Gospel.An unfortunate end to many believers of Christ.

Fri, July 20, 2012 @ 8:56 PM

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