Uncovering the Causes of Homosexuality    

When Christian artist Ray Boltz recently announced that he is gay, many Christians found themselves asking common and complicated questions about the nature of homosexuality, its cause, and how to deal with it in our lives. New Man recently spoke with Dr. David James—the author of God’s Truth About Gender—to discuss these questions and let him share his research and his testimony.

New Man:  What did you discover about gender as you researched this book?

James: It was very interesting how it all came to me over a period of months. I had to learn basic truths about God and about gender. One of those things was through the issue that I dealt with—homosexuality. The reality of homosexuality strikes at the core of gender issues.

The scripture says God created us male and female in His image. Gender is part of this image that we reflect of God. It’s not that He has male or female genitals. There are parts of God’s image where He is a masculine provider. There are other parts where God is a feminine receiver, such as when He desires worship and love.

Gender is balance. There’s a giver and a receiver. The giver is always masculine; the receiver is always feminine. Even in the sex act, one organ is a giver and the other is a receiver. Our physical natures are just reflections of a spiritual truth.

New Man: Where does homosexuality fit into all this?

James: When you start looking at homosexuality, you have to start looking at it from all three planes—physical, spiritual and mental. Physical gender mirrors spiritual gender. In the sprit men have qualities of going after and giving, and women have desires of receiving love and praise. That’s how nature supports a spiritual reality. When you start seeing nature not supporting what you’re doing, that should lead you think that something is out of place.

God has left us no lack of understanding of truth. He put His truth in science and in spirituality. You can’t use religion or science to discredit one another, because they’re both from God and He has married them in truth. So when you see homosexuals engaging in acts that aren’t supported physically, they’re also not supported spiritually. You have to look to the mental realm for an explanation, because that’s the part that’s the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

In the book I get into the psychology of how a child’s mind grows and develops. The spiritual truths and physical truths don’t change. The only thing that changes is how the child relates to the world. So at some point the child’s mind has to understand its place in the universe. That comes to it through modeled behavior, mostly through the child’s parents. The child looks at its mother or father and says “that me” or “that’s not me.” This is how we develop identity.

There are three areas of ourselves that don’t change: gender, race and family. If something is wrong with one of those, it messes up your identity. Outside of those concrete realties, everything else people decide for their identities is a choice.

One of the biggest problems with the gay rights movement is that it says what you feel or desire is how you actually are. What they say is, “I have felt this way for a long time, therefore I am this way.” How do we know where our feelings and desires come from? All of us have reactionary responses to things that happened in our past. If you say, “my feelings determine who I am,” you’re saying that you are going to live out a pattern that was developed in your past.

What God does is He gives us the truth, and it frees us to make choices about our life based on that. One of the differences between us and animals is that we have free will. That means you can will behavior contrary to what you feel. When you start seeing individuals who have no self control, you will always find people who have pain.

When I was struggling with this, I couldn’t imagine that something I desired so much was not an innate part of me. But the Bible says, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” We have choices we make, and God’s word is a lamp to us. Without it, we are lost in many situations. To say, “this is how I feel and so that’s who I am,” that’s a very sad way to live.

New Man: Can you share with us your background with homosexuality?

James: When I was about 6 I was molested by a friend of the family. When I was 12 I was sexually abused by my uncle. Growing up I had a very bad example of parenting—my parents were at war with each other. I was the oldest boy in the family. So outside of my father, I had no male role model to look up to. I had older sisters and an absent, drug abused father who I couldn’t relate to.

Those are some of the issues that led my psychology to develop the way it did. After high school, I moved on and forged into the world and tried to deal with these new feelings. At the age of 21 I tried my hand at a homosexual and a heterosexual experience. I was very confused at the time. I didn’t want to become homosexual because it didn’t fit with my worldview, but I didn’t know how to deal with these attractions.

As you start choosing certain behavior patterns, you can imprint behaviors and desires on your brain. I describe this more fully in the book. Every little choice we make hardwires itself into our brain’s psyche, which means that our future choices will mimic our past choices. It’s the same thing as any addiction, whether behavioral, drug or sexual. That’s why you see individuals who have difficulty changing their behavior, such as gambling or food addicts. The only way to break it is you have to willfully choose to stop it. You’re not doomed if you have these feelings. When the homosexual movement tells young people to embrace these feelings, that’s detrimental to a child’s development.

I eventually married my wife, but I also had this secret life. So this double life was what led me to searching for what was real. I moved out from my wife. I went to counseling for my abuse for the first time when I was 30, and I also dealt with my issues with my father. I had to deal with repressed memories, and learn how to forgive my uncle, who had died of HIV-related pneumonia 6 years before. In the book I talk a lot about forgiveness as well. If you can’t choose forgiveness, you have to blame someone and live in pain and anger. So for people who have the homosexual issue, there are things in their life that are not dealt with.

New Man: What about people who feel homosexual attraction but don’t have any issues. Can a person naturally have these feelings?

James: The development of a homosexual mentality is not like a one to one ratio. It is many things that come together that lead a person to have difficulty understanding themselves. You might have a father who wasn’t cruel, but you didn’t connect with him because he worked too much, or something about his relationship with his wife wasn’t appropriate. So when you take any individual, and they say I had a perfect family, you have to go deeper.

My sister didn’t want to read my book because she didn’t want to deal with the fact that I said our family was dysfunctional. Most people will say that things were fine, but you have to deal with the denial. I have many friends who are gay, and in each situation I can see how they got into it. Most people can’t see it for themselves, they have to have it shown to them.

Until about twenty-five years ago, homosexuality was viewed by the psychiatric community as a mental disorder. The American Psychiatric Association removed it from its list of disorders for purely political reasons and without clinical proof. A lot of doctors at the time disagreed with the decision. Now you have this new belief and culture that has been riding that decision and people have been silenced by it.

New Man: How do we as Christians relate to the people we know who are homosexual?

James:  I would treat them just as you treat anyone else who does things that you don’t agree with. I think homosexuality has been exalted to a place it shouldn’t be. It’s been exalted to the worst of all sins. There are grades of sin that we tell ourselves are acceptable or not. Homosexuals might be demonized, but the father who is a deadbeat and doesn’t take care of his children isn’t necessarily condemned.

I don’t think we need to single it out, I think we need to love people and help them understand what’s true about themselves and about God. When a brother is dealing with homosexual attraction, our response shouldn’t be to shun him, it should be to love him so we can help him heal.

I take on the gay rights agenda very directly in this book, but I also take on the Christian church, because often they don’t allow homosexuals to find peace and love in the very place where they should be receiving it.

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