Life As We Know It Will End If Obama Is Elected

Life As We Know It Will End If Obama Is Elected

I was amazed that during the presidential debate this week Sen. John McCain didn't make the point that if Sen. Barack Obama is elected, life as we know it in many ways will end. America will be more socialized and have less free enterprise and freedom.

It seems that due to the current economic crisis, a percentage of Americans are clamoring for change in the White House. Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that change will mean gay rights will be encoded into law and abortion rights laws will be strengthened. The result will be an alteration in our entire social structure and the likelihood that Roe v. Wade—the case that led to the legalization of abortion--will never be overturned. Recently someone sent me a video put out by Roman Catholics on the sanctity of life. Take time to watch it at It makes the point that protecting human life from conception to natural death is one of the most important responsibilities we have as Christians.

I believe if Obama is elected, the government will tax, tax, tax the citizens who are most productive. Yet it's been proven that tax increases lead to economic downturn, while tax cuts lead to economic growth (which we desperately need). There will also be a “take from the rich, give to the poor” type of socialistic mind-set throughout the nation. And I believe our country will be weaker militarily around the world.

In addition, people who hate Christianity will be emboldened to attack our freedoms. Christianity is already persona non grata in academia and in the liberal media. People such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore, who hate God and God's people, will think the election verifies that the nation as a whole believes as they do and will jump for glee. Meanwhile, Christians seem almost asleep. There is no outcry! And there is a group of Bible-believing Christians who appear to have decided to overlook how dangerous Obama will be and plan to vote for him anyway.

A few weeks ago McCain and Obama were even in the polls. However, the economic crisis seems to have pushed some Americans toward Obama. So in the 25 days to the election we must pray as never before. And we must work to wake up Christians. That is what happened late in the 2004 election—Christian leaders rallied believers, and as a result, George W. Bush was re-elected president.

Even though polls are often right, there are exceptions, and we must pray and work--before it’s too late--to see that Obama is not elected. I receive lots of interesting e-mails having to do with the election and the issues surrounding current culture wars. Below is some of what someone sent me and urged me to pass on. There are links to several interesting videos that you should take the time to watch. Much of what you will see is disturbing. I urge you to forward the information below to your friends.

The only reason Obama is competitive is because people do not really know who and what he stands for.

Barack Obama’s Views:

Endorsed by:
- National Trial Lawyers Groups
- Planned Parenthood
- Homosexual and atheist advocacy groups
- Radical leftist national groups

These groups have provided the largest support for his campaign, along with the Saudis. And every one of them hates serious Christians and Zionist Jews. How can a Christian or a Jew vote with them? He promised the trial lawyers that he will fight against Tort Reform.

He promised the unions to vote for the Union Intimidation Act (aka Employee Free Choice Act)--a laughable name for legislation that will devastate American jobs. He promised the abortionists to vote for the Abortion Anytime Act (aka the Freedom of Choice Act).

He promised the homosexuals that he will support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, and he is already fighting the California Marriage Amendment. And he has no experience! Hello?

Serious Political Videos and Articles that Expose the Truth about Barack Obama

Article: See Obama’s Illegal Campaign Contributions

Video Clip: Mohammar Khaddafi on Barack Obama. Quite real and quite damning.

Video Clip: A History of Barack Obama’s Life and Politics

Video Clip: Barack Obama on Defense Spending

Video Clip: Little-Known Barack Obama Scandals

Video Clip: Hillary Shreds Obama

Video Clip: Biden Slams Obama

Video Clip: The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Media Exposed in Their Attack on Sarah Palin’s Prayer for the Troops

Video Clip: School Children Sing Praises of Obama

I (Steve Strang) know many of you are as disturbed as I am. I think this information on Obama speaks for itself. Let's pray for a shift in our country. And let's get this information into the hands of as many people as possible. If you missed my (Steve Strang) endorsement of John McCain, go to

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1. Aaron Heeg wrote:
What I think is appalling is for Christians to view the issue of morality from a microscopic lens of abortion and homosexuality.

Are these two aspects of the moral issue immoral? Absolutely!

But, when discussing the issue of biblical morality, we must also consider the issue of war and poverty. War and poverty kill innocent children just like abortion. Homosexuality is incapable of producing life, but is life produced by means of poverty and war?

In addition, I am deeply troubled by the possible motivating force behind the shaping of American foreign policy that formed a Jewish State in 1948. I spoke with a Pastor last week who commented on Barack Obama’s stance towards Israel. He said, “John McCain, when asked if he would immediately seek military force on nations who threatened Israel’s well being, said ‘absolutely’. But, when Obama was asked he said he would 1st pursue diplomatic options potentially through strong economic sanctioning. The Pastor remarked that he could hardly believe Obama’s response about God’s special people.” He said to me “You know a nation that comes against God’s nation will be cursed!” It took everything within me to keep my mouth closed towards this uninformed Christian leader on American Foreign Policy regarding Israel.

Several weeks ago I was studying the 1948 declaration of Israel becoming a Nation by Harry Truman. I found something very interesting in my studies. I discovered that Secretary of State George Marshall in 1947, strongly opposed Truman on the formation of this policy. He advised President Truman that such a policy would place great strain on American relations with the Muslim world. Well, nearly 60 years have gone by and this advisement has proven out to be true.

Too many American politicians have been influenced by Jewish and Christian Zionism. Political activists from both camps lobby congress all in an attempt to give Israel special treatment in the Middle East.

I think it is time for a New Political wave. We need gusty politicians who will decrease tensions in the Middle East by placing less emphasis on Israel. We need Political men and women with theological astuteness to govern and reform our foreign policy with Israel. Could it be possible that Barack Obama maybe one of these gusty politicians to initiate change in the administration of our foreign policy?

I encourage all bible believing Christians, who will be going to the polls in November, to view the issues from a macro scope, not a microscope.

Wed, October 15, 2008 @ 11:28 AM

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