"Paul, The Fullness of the Gentiles and the Jews"

Romans 11 is the Apostle Paul's amazing commentary on the vision of the prophets of Israel and the prophecy of Jesus of Nazareth in Luke 21:24 about Messiah's Day and the times of the Gentiles or the nations.

King David, Isaiah and all the prophets of Israel prophesied that in Messiah's Day all nations would be converted and learn Christ, including the Arab nations. The result would be that in Messiah's Day the nations would beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks and there would be peace on earth. Referring to this wonderful Messianic vision, Jesus prophesied in Luke 21:24 that Jerusalem, which would shortly be destroyed by the armies of Rome, would continue to be trampled under foot of the Gentiles until the vision of the prophets concerning Messiah's day and the times of the Gentiles had been fulfilled (i.e. until the nations had been converted and learned Christ).

We know that Luke's Gospel was written by Doctor Luke, who was Paul's traveling companion and an active member of his apostolic company. The Apostle Paul and Luke must have enjoyed discussing Jesus' prophecy at some point in their labor together. Brother Kouri explains, "the apostle to the Gentile nations understood the vision of the prophets concerning Messiah's Day and the salvation of the nations. He also understood by the revelation of the Holy Spirit Jesus' prophecy that 'Jerusalem would be trampled under foot' until the prophets' vision for the Gentile nations 'is fulfilled'.  Therefore, the great apostle to the Gentiles declares in Romans 11:25 that once the 'fulness of the Gentiles' has been converted and 'come into' Messiah's Kingdom that 'the partial hardness' keeping the rest of the Jewish people from being saved would be removed and the 'fullness of the Jewish people' will be converted and come into the Kingdom!"

Bishop goes on to explain that "according to the Apostle Paul, the future salvation of the Jewish people will not be because they see Him coming from heaven bodily, as postponement preachers mistakenly proclaim. Instead, according to Paul, it will be because the Jewish people are provoked to jealousy as they see the blessings of the kingdom coming upon the Gentile nations, including the Arabs. In fact according to the prophets of Israel, Jesus, and Paul the key to peace in the Middle East and to the future conversion of the Jewish people will be the future conversion of the Arab Nations.

He closes this powerful and provocative apostolic message by unveiling a surprising and very apostolic or Kingdom scenario for the future of the nations, a Messianic vision of hope for the world, that contrasts greatly with the popular, but mistaken, "dooms-day" scenario proclaimed by postponement theologians and preachers.

To watch the video of this powerful Kingdom message click here.

(This message is Part 4 of "Paul, the Fulness of the Gentiles, the Arabs, and the Fulness of the Jews." And this four part message is part of the larger series, "Jesus and the Times of the gentiles from Luke 21:24. All of these messages may be viewed in their entirety on our Video page.)

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