The Consequences of This Election Are High, So Pray

My inbox is full of e-mails from many Christian leaders calling for prayer and fasting and warning that if Sen. Barack Obama is elected, there are serious consequences for everything from right to life, to national security, to turning America toward European-style socialism.This week's report is a compilation of what I think are the most serious warnings. It is also a call to pray and to believe for a miracle to see John McCain get elected.

Meanwhile I'm being bombarded by some very strong negative comments from so-called “Christians”--most of them black--who are supporting Obama because he's black and blasting anyone who won't vote for him as racist. This is sad to me because I've worked all my adult life to build bridges of reconciliation to the black community. Click here to read Kim Daniel's important word on the election from a black woman who is not afraid to buck the trend of nearly everyone in the black community.

The first and most important item is a statement from Dutch Sheets about the spiritual ramifications of this election. You can read that at the end of this report. And you can click on the links below to download a prophetic song by Klaus Kuehn and a prayer from Dutch. Forward this and the entire Strang Report to your family and friends.

As always you're invited to leave your comments on our blog.

Prophetic leaders are hesitant to say publicly they believe God will give McCain a surprising win, much as Truman defeated Dewey in 1948. But that is what I'm hearing through e-mails and phone calls, even though the polls are saying Obama is ahead in key states.

Some Christian leaders are also predicting a nasty round of race problems and even riots over this election. Let's pray that the predictions are wrong.

I’m including an analysis by my friend Mike Evans on the effect that an Obama presidency would have on Israel and predicting he would sell out the Israelis as Jimmy Carter sold out the Shah of Iran in the 1970s. To read it, click here.

Also at there is a video worth watching and passing on. More than 750,000 have viewed it on YouTube in less than a week, and thousands of churches downloaded the video and showed it in their churches last Sunday.

Finally, click here to read a report I received from a financial advisor I respect--Eric Reinhold--on the serious consequences financially if Obama takes us down the road to socialism. I will also include information from the Traditional Values Coalition questioning those who “groomed Obama” as a youth. You can read it by clicking here.

For those of you in California, Lou Engle is holding TheCall in San Diego on Saturday, Nov. 1. Click here for more information, and help us get out the word to those you know in California.

Meanwhile, read the recent report from my colleague Lee Grady on Obama's connection to Odinga, a socialist in Kenya, by clicking here.

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1. Jane wrote:
Redemption. If the Dems are truly "truthful" in their leadership aitbliy, they will do just that, no mud slinging, no getting back-ats and no throwing stones...but how long will it be before the 'let's-get-um' ranting and ravings begins? I'm axiously awaiting to see how our Heavenly Father's plan unfolds. I'll be praying for our leaders now more than ever.

Sat, December 29, 2012 @ 6:48 AM

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