Watch Bishop Kouri's Christmas message: "Joseph, Overcoming Fear"

Joseph was an ordinary guy, and God catches him up in His purpose and stretches him like crazy. God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Joseph, a carpenter, falls in love with Mary and is working toward being able to marry her. Suddenly he finds out that Mary is pregnant. Talk about stretching a guy!

Everything was wonderful until all of a sudden God breaks in upon Joseph's life and scrambles it. All the dreams, all the hopes, and all the plans that Joseph and mary had made are changed.

As his life is coming apart at the seams an angel suddenly appears to Joseph and says, "Do not be afraid!"

The greatest challenge you will face in your life each day will be whether or not you are willing to do God's will. The greatest challenge you will face will be the fear of the consequences, the cost, the price you have to pay to do God's will.

As Joseph faced the hard facts about Mary's pregnancy and heard Gabriel say, "Do not be afraid", he realized that what was happening had significance far beyond his own life. He realized that the challenge that was before him was about the will and purpose of God. But Joseph heard the angel of the Lord say, "Fear not Joseph, Mary is pregnant by the Holy Spirit of God."

God uses ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things!

Our comfort in the midst what God is doing in our lives is to hear the Lord say, "Fear not. Do not be afraid to accomplish My purpose in your life." If you and I are going to overcome fear and walk in the miracle of the purpose and will of God for our lives, we must understand three things!

To watch this faith-inspiring message and discover for yourself how to overcome fear and walk in the fullness of God's purpose for your life click here.

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